Peter Bauhuis & Andi Gut

23 Ottobre 2013 - 26 Ottobre 2013

Antonella Villanova presents from October 25th to November 22nd, Correspondences, Peter Bauhuis and Andi Gut. The exhibition includes a new collaboration between the two artists.

The exhibition Correspondences, Vessels and Dishes is based on the regular exchange of Peter Bauhuis and Andi Gut about ideas, thoughts, sketches and plans, a weekly sending and receiving, recording and processing through various channels. “But our works enter in a dialogue as well,“ the two artists assume. “Jewelry and vessel would be both sender and receiver of information, and thus part of a multidirectional communication network. Jewellery emits diverse signals. But what kind is his reception system? Does it work in symbiosis with the wearer, or is jewelry an independently acting recipient who need the wearer only as a base? Conceivable is the idea, Bauhuis and Gut say, that their Dishes scan the surrounding space like the bowls of observatories filtering the included nonverbal content and forward it to the sensitive jewellery owner. “In the mutual answering of our questions we see ourselves and our works as equal participants in a wider circulation of information,“ they explain.

Andi Gut‘s Dishes are a collection of large necklaces from nylon and metal. The title refers to those formal analogies as well as to the origin of the recycled metals he uses.

Peter Bauhuis exhibits 30 bowls, also titled Dishes; they appear to look into the world. The outcome of a series of ‘experiments’ in which different metal alloys are simultaneously cast within one mould, they reveal extraordinary colours and patterns.

His orifice brooches, rings and chains are staring at us like curious beings, but aren‘t they receiving our reactions in the same time?